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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Things I miss...

Number 2. I had forgotten I missed this place until this morning. I was just looking at todays inspiration board on Snippet and Ink and was taken by this image....

I decided to investigate and was taken to a blog (MTeriors) and that in turn led me to a site for the store Past Times. I had forgotten all about this store and that is a downright shame. Of course the site is not so much up and running right now, and that is probably a good thing. Some days I find myself pining for the fjord (so to speak) and today appears to be one of them. I feel the need for a trip home - if only for the shopping. Of course, most people are coming from Europe to shop here and take advantage of a horribly weakened dollar so maybe I shall just wait. After all, tomorrow I will wake up and be all about America shopping - and all its greatness! Damn Hormones!


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