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Thursday, May 1, 2008

Snippet & Ink

I love love love this blog. I know there is nothing original in that - it is beloved the blogosphere over. There is something just so perfectly beautiful about the inspiration boards that makes me just sigh. So much pretty in one small space. I am not planning a wedding as I have been married 12 years but I love to just go and gaze adoringly and daydream about what if. What if I was getting married? What would my wedding look like? Bearing in mind that I got married in Vegas wearing jeans and a shirt, I find it strange that these things even cross my mind. My sister in law is at a stage in her relationship where a wedding could be on the horizon and I find myself planning her wedding in my mind. She is fully aware of this and seems to think it is a fun thing. My fear, however, is that if and when she does get married, I may turn into sister in law of the bridezilla.

So there are two boards that I always seem to go back to and although it makes me feel guilty because all the boards are fabulous, these are the two that I could be flipping a coin if I were to be getting married.

Both Images via Snippet & Ink

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