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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Earth Day

Yesterday was Earth Day, a day to reflect on all that we consume and to ensure guilt ensues. I have noticed that the only people who really pay any attention to Earth Day are those who are already aware of the problems with our planet. They already reduce, reuse and recycle. I wonder if it is really making any difference. I hope so! I try very hard to do my part but I know I am sorely lacking. I take my tote bag to the store but sometimes forget to actually take it from the car into the store. I recycle like a fool but I know my paper towel use could be lessened - if I could just remember to use the dishcloths. I never use paper plates or cups or any other kind of disposable food product. I hate Starbucks so there are no worries about carrying one of their cups. I take my own coffee from home everywhere in a travel cup that I have had longer than I may care to admit. So I do try but I know it is not enough.

Yesterday I took my son into Macy's and we were greeted by a smiling woman who offered both my son and myself a tree! Not an actual full grown tree but the beginnings of one that I can plant somewhere and make myself feel better. Then my son was given an activity book that was full of ideas and tips to lead a greener life. I thought to myself "Wow, what a lovely thing for Macy's to do'. However, when I made my purchase, they insisted I carry out said purchase in one of their plastic bags. I told them I had a tote but they were adamant that I needed to carry it out in one of their bags. They had not taken stock of their canvas totes yet so I was unable to plunk down the $4 required for the privilege carrying a more permanent advertisement for them! One step forward, so many steps back!

So back to Earth day! I wonder how effective it can be when it is reaching the same people every year - The people who already do their share. How do we get the loafers on board? How do we get the disposable lifestyle people to take a look at what they do. I guess it requires more than a day a year. It seems impossible to me. I see litter on the sides of the freeway and wonder how it got there. Do people really toss their used junk food wrappers and bottles and cans out of their moving vehicles. It is beyond incomprehensible to me that anyone would do that. Strange beyond belief.

But I have preached enough. I need to go bake - it soothes me! Chocolate Orange cookies for everyone.


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