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Saturday, April 19, 2008

Well so Much for that!!!

A week has passed since I made my steadfast resolution to blog often! It has been a rather painful week though so that will have be my excuse. I have felt rather like hammered dog poop all week and today only feel a little less like taking myself out back and hitting myself upside the head! All week though, I have been in the mood to make my world prettier but one glance in the mirror has revealed it really does start at home. So with saggy eyes, tired skin and a feeling of almost can do, I resolve to make this the week I blog in earnest. I am off now to plant my hanging baskets - it is snowing here so the garage will be as far outside as I can get! Then a jaunt to the kitchen for the weekly vegetable sauce making marathon for my daughter. Followed by lemon cupcake cheesecakes (or some such endeavor). Have fun and here is a photo of last weeks Strawberry Cupcakes - yum!


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