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Monday, May 5, 2008

Carmel Getaways

Oh I can only dream! I lived in the Bay Area 2 children ago and my mind often wanders back to that special part of the world. I love San Francisco and how it just wraps you up in its utter fabulousness. Carmel, however, just upped and stole my heart. Just a breathtaking place. I was reminded of this while perusing Cottage Living online. The article about the wondrous Comstock cottages just made me want to pack up the car and drive south. I mean, really, look at these.....

Can you imagine anything cuter. I know they are not practical, especially for a woman who is on the taller end of things, but tell me they are not just storybook fabulous!

Carmel, I think we may need to meet again - SOON!

If you wish to read the article -,21135,1688075-1,00.html

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