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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Greatest Show on Earth?!

I am not actually a fan of Circus in general. It was never really a thing I looked forward to growing up - the annual trip to the circus. It all seemed sad to me. I do love a carnival or County Fair but a circus? Not so much! However, I have always loved having a circus at home with the children and we all love animal crackers (Trader Joe's organic are a favorite in this house) and there is something about a circus theme that makes me happy. The colors are vibrant and cannot help but make you happy! I just don't like going to an actual circus. Anyway, seeing these items jump off the page of the latest Williams Sonoma catalog made me happy. I do not think that there is any doubt that at some point, these items will make their way into my house.

images via Williams & Sonoma

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