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Monday, May 12, 2008

Corey's Day at the Farm

Today Alexandra got to have her big day at the farm. The farm is actually the County Fairgrounds, and the farm is (no pun intended) farmed in! It is a wonderful event put on each year by some of the most generous people you could ever wish to meet. It is for all the special needs children in the area and it is as popular as can be. Horse rides, hay rides, tractor rides, sno cones, rope wrangling and then a sack picnic lunch in a large communal hall with long tables and a band to entertain. It is all free, gratis, no charge to the children thanks to some wonderful sponsors and some genuinely caring volunteers.

Alex was not feeling so great this weekend so a planned trip to the zoo on Saturday had to be scrapped. I was hoping that the few days rest would help her to feel better but she was not 100% this morning. We decided that she was well enough to go and away we went. She was not as excited as she was last year but she did ride the horse and she seemed to enjoy the people watching and the covered wagon ride. Owen had an absolute blast. He got to sit on a horse with a sheriff, pet Llamas, rope cattle and lots of other fun things.

I cannot begin to thank the wonderful people who make this day possible. Seeing the smiles on the children's faces as they ride around a field on a horse, and seeing the tears of joy as the parents watch them go, it warms the heart like nothing else can. It restores my faith in humanity that so many people give so much of their time, money and effort so selflessly. They make a very special day for some very special children.

More info on this event can be found here

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