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Monday, October 6, 2008

slice of tree update!

In the post below (Dean & Deluca cupcakes) I mentioned that I liked the slice of tree being used as a plate! Upon further review, I realized that the plate is actually for sale. In fact, it is a maple cutting board! Dean & Deluca describes it thus
"Spaulted Maple Cutting Board
This rustic yet spectacular cutting board is carefully created from Maple with an all-natural, food-safe finish. Perfect for cutting breads and even better as a serving piece on your harvest table. Sizes vary slightly, due to natural craftsmanship."

I describe it a slice of tree. I am not sure I can warrant $80 for something so abundantly available in my part of the world. Still I do like the idea and I will be stealing it!

By the way, I did have to look up the word Spaulted and I could not find it in my dictionary or any of the online dictionaries. So I have no idea what it means, but it sure looks pretty!

available here


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