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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The Little Tea Swap that could!

I have seen lots of posts about tea cup swaps and other types of swaps and they have always been something I thought I would like to do. I decided to take baby steps and host my own teeny tiny little tea swap. All of the participants (all 6 of them) are related in some way but none of them live within 3000 miles of me. Everyone was very excited about the idea of this and my primary mission was accomplished - to get people who live maybe 20 miles from each other to interact in each others lives.

So this week is the week for mailing the boxes and I sent mine off on Monday. As it was such a small swap, I did not do the traditional swap partner thing. Instead you sent a package to one person, but received it from another. This maximized the interaction between all participants - again, my primary goal.

I will be doing another swap again soon but in the meantime, below are images of the goodies I sent and the wonderful delights I received. Much fun!



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