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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Miniature Halloween Pumpkin Scene

I saw this at That Artist Womans blog and I really want to try this - it is awesome! In fact she has heaps of wonderful ideas for cool art projects to do with your kids.

Full project details here


Below - Martha Stewart

Below - Amy Atlas

I guess it is flattery and I know I copy from Martha all the time, but I was struck by all the similarities.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Paper Source

I was browsing through the Paper source catalog today and was more than pleased to see a few items I have coveted for some time.

The Explorer Kit above would be just perfect for Owen

And this pigtail kit needs to be purchased for Alexandra immediately

For me, a chance to indulge my slight obsession with old school libraries - these just make me swoon. I just love them

All products available from Paper Source


slice of tree update!

In the post below (Dean & Deluca cupcakes) I mentioned that I liked the slice of tree being used as a plate! Upon further review, I realized that the plate is actually for sale. In fact, it is a maple cutting board! Dean & Deluca describes it thus
"Spaulted Maple Cutting Board
This rustic yet spectacular cutting board is carefully created from Maple with an all-natural, food-safe finish. Perfect for cutting breads and even better as a serving piece on your harvest table. Sizes vary slightly, due to natural craftsmanship."

I describe it a slice of tree. I am not sure I can warrant $80 for something so abundantly available in my part of the world. Still I do like the idea and I will be stealing it!

By the way, I did have to look up the word Spaulted and I could not find it in my dictionary or any of the online dictionaries. So I have no idea what it means, but it sure looks pretty!

available here

I can do this!

I saw this image at the Dean & Deluca website and I thought it very pretty. I also thought that unlike a lot of the cakes showcased in the catalog, these were something I could pull off. So I think that is going to be my next project. They are very fall/thanksgiving and therefore must be make their appearance soon! I like the slice of tree used as a plate! Slice of tree? I know there is a technical word for it but it has escaped me for now!!

According to the website, they are Pumpkin with Pumpkin Cream Cheese Icing, Cinnamon with Mayan Chocolate Buttercream Frosting and Vanilla with Vanilla Frosting. The top looks like a leaf cut from colored fondant - at least that is what I think I will use. So stay tuned - they are on the way!

Photo via Dean & DeLuca

Sunday, October 5, 2008

More Matthew Mead

I mentioned how much I love Matthew Meads book Halloween Tricks and Treats - it is fabulous. Well now he has a new book which was released last week and it too looks stunning to me. It is called Entertaining Simple and I think I need a copy of it asap!

Below are a few images from the book as well as the author himself.

The book is available in the US and Canada at bookstores or through Matthews website here

all images via Matthew Mead and Wiley Publishing.

Dried Apple Shrunken Heads

I saw this project on Fabulous Living and knew I had to try it. Basically, you take apples, peel them, coat them in a mixture of lemon juice and salt then carve features into them. After about 2 weeks sitting and drying, they look sinister and nasty - perfect timing for Halloween! I will post pictures in about 2 weeks when they are complete but for full directions and photos, go here to

Photos via

Decisions, decisions!

Which boots do I love the most?!!

These from Boden

available here
these from J Crew

available here

I think I am leaning towards the J Crew boots but I just cannot decide for sure! I guess if this is my biggest worry today, it is not a bad day at all!


Boden skirts

I have maintained a long love affair with Boden which has transcended the Atlantic ocean and many separations. I received the latest catalog this week and it was the skirts that grabbed me. I have not been too much of a fan of skirts of late but these are just mummy enough to grab my attention. Love both but if I had to push, the grey corduroy would be my choice. I love the entire outfit actually (hint, hint)!

It is a little louder than I would normally wear but I need to get out of the comfort zone and stretch a little. The denim skirt and sweater is way more in my wheelhouse - I may as well be Amish huh?!

Both outfits avaialable from Boden USA

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Pumpkin Bread

I purchased these beautiful treat bags from this etsy shop and they were just begging to be used this weekend. I knew I wanted to try making pumpkin bread and I knew I had enough people to warrant baking 6 little mini loaves so away I went! The house smells like fall right now which is a good thing as fall has surely found its way to the Pacific Northwest. It is rainy and windy and generally yucky outside, but I could not be happier. I like fall! I love coming inside and making pies, breads, cakes and casseroles. It is a respite after having spent the past few months not wanting to switch the oven on.

I used the recipe from Martha Stewarts baking book and it was a very easy recipe to pull together. It probably took 10 minutes of actual hands on time and the end result was excellent. I gave away two loaves to neighbors and two have been wrapped and placed in the freezer for consumption at a later date. I had never had pumpkin bread before so I wasn't sure how it was supposed to look or taste but the lovely husband was ready to give an enthusiastic thumbs up!

I finally succumbed to temptation and had a slice toasted with a slather of cream cheese on the top. I am a convert - it was excellent. It reminds me of gingerbread and I am good with that!

So now I have to fulfill an order for banana bread and the bananas are sufficiently ripe so away I go!